Respiratory Problems in Dogs


Brachycephalic dog breeds can be quite a challenge to care for. It doesn’t stop most of them from being some of the most popular breeds around, though. Learn what Brachycephalic syndrome is and how you can take care of a breed with this health problem.

Flat-faced dogs, like Boxers, Bulldogs, and Boston Terriers can be cute, but their short noses also cause breathing problems. These brachycephalic dog breeds can suffer from snoring and snorting. These may  seem like harmless ailments, but these common issues of short-nosed dogs mean the dog’s airway is partially obstructed, and this can become worse over time if left untreated.


Brachycephalic means “shortened head” and refers to the short nose and flat face of dogs like Pugs, Shih Tzus, and Chihuahuas. Other brachycephalic breeds include Chow Chows, Pekingese, Lhasa Apso, Bull Mastiffs, and English Toy Spaniels. Because the flat face is so popular, these dogs have been bred for their looks, but many suffer from airway issues as a result. The flat face is the result of a smaller upper jaw, in which the tissues inside are bigger than the jaw can allow. All of the airway issues that can result from this overcrowding are collectively referred to as “brachycephalic airway syndrome.”


Eyes and Eyelids: Brachycephalic dogs’ eyes tend to stick out of their skull a little more than others. Sometimes it’s difficult for eyelids to close over their eyes (even while sleeping). They are also more vulnerable to vision issues if hit on the head.

Teeth: Brachycephalic dogs have the same number of teeth as other dogs, but less space to fit them all, which can lead to peridontal disease.

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Feline Leukemia and What You Need to Know!

Feline Leukemia Virus Infection (FeLV) in Cats

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a disease that impairs the cat’s immune system and causes certain types of cancer. This virus infection is responsible for a majority of deaths in household cats, affecting all breeds. Males are more likely to contract the infection than females, and it is usually seen between the ages of one to six years old.

Some of the more common symptoms of cat leukemia include:

  • Anemia
  • Lethargy
  • Progressive weight loss 
  • Abscesses
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Infections of the external ear and skin and poor coat condition
  • Fever (seen in about 50 percent of cases)
  • Wobbly, uncoordinated or drunken-appearing gait or movement
  • Inflammation of the nose, the cornea, or the moist tissues of the eye
  • Inflammation of the gums and/or mouth tissues
  • Lymphoma (the most common FeLV-associated cancer)
  • Fibrosarcomas (cancer that develops from fibrous tissue)


Cat leukemia is usually contracted from cat-to-cat transmission (e.g., bites, close contact, grooming, and sharing dishes or litter pans). It can also be transmitted to a kitten at birth or through the mother’s milk. Kittens are much more susceptible to the virus, as are males and cats that have outdoor access.


Your veterinarian will first rule out other infections such as bacterial, parasitic, viral, or fungal. In addition, nonviral cancers need to be ruled out.

A complete blood count is done to determine if the cat has anemia or other blood disorders. Diagnosis may also be determined by conducting a urinalysis, or through a bone marrow biopsy or bone marrow aspiration (removing a small amount of marrow fluid for study).

AAHA, hospice association release end-of-life care guidelines

The American Animal Hospital Association and the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care have released guidelines on end-of-life care for pets.

End-of-life care and decision-making “embody the critical final stage in a pet’s life and are as important and meaningful as the sum of the clinical care provided for all prior life stages,” according to the abstract for the 2016 AAHA/IAAHPC End-of-Life Care Guidelines.

? ?
? ?The Animal Hospice Care Pyramid appears in guidelines on end-of-life care for pets. (Courtesy of AAHA) ?

The guidelines provide practice teams with the framework and tools to develop a comprehensive, collaborative end-of-life plan and better recognize the needs of patients, clients, and team members during this difficult time.

According to the guidelines:

  • End-of-life care and decision-making are medically, emotionally, and ethically challenging for everyone involved.
  • Studies have shown that 30 percent of pet owners will experience substantial grief following the loss of a pet, and 50 percent will question their decision following euthanasia.
  • Veterinary team members are at higher risk of compassion fatigue when they work with patients nearing their life’s end and their owners and are immersed in an environment of intense emotional and physical suffering, often of extended duration, with little group support.

The guidelines review the latest information to help staff address central issues and perform essential tasks to improve the quality of life of a pet who has entered the final life stage. In addition, these guidelines define the role of each staff member so everyone on the practice team can work together to offer the best-quality medical care.

The sections of the document cover animal versus human hospice care, patient considerations, client considerations, veterinary health care team considerations, and the end-of-life event.

The guidelines appear in the November/December edition of the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association

Winter Bathing – Tips/Tricks

Keeping your dog clean is important year round, but giving your companion a bath during the cold, winter months requires a few special precautions.

While you should avoid bathing your pet too often during cold spells, it might occassionally be necessary to give your dog a bath in winter. During the winter months, salt and grime can collect on Fido’s coat, making a good cleaning essential to maintaining its health and hygiene.

But with frostier temperatures outside, pet parents must step up their efforts to keep their dog warm at bathtime. Here are a few tips that can help ensure the comfort and safety of your pet, both during and after a winter bath.  

Indoor bathing tips

While the setting of a summertime bath might be outside under a hose, winter baths should always happen indoors. Prior to the bath, consider turning up the heat in your home and/or placing a heater in the bathroom (make sure it’s off the floor and away from water).

Test the temperature before inviting your dog into the bathtub. Make sure the water is warm but not too hot; you can fill the tub with few inches of warm water to give your pet a warm place to stand.

Tips for shampooing:

  • Use a moisturizing shampoo. Have your vet recommend a moisturizing shampoo and/or rinse. Moisturizing or oatmeal shampoos are best during the winter months, as this is a time when pets are more susceptible to dry, flaky skin.
  • Lather quickly. Suds up your pooch quickly in order to reduce its exposure to cold air.
  • Rinse well. After you’ve massaged the shampoo into the coat, make sure to rinse well, leaving behind no trace of soap residue.
  • Consider dry shampoo. If your pet is just stinky, not dirty, consider using a dry shampoo. Waterless shampoo powders and sprays can help to remove odors and oils, but they may not be right for the job of giving your pet a deep cleaning.

After the bath

Keep your newly clean pup warm by towel drying him right away. If you’ve got a long-haired dog, you might need more than one towel and possibly a blow dryer.

If you’ll be using a blow dryer to finish the task of drying your dog, be sure to use it on the lowest setting possible. Hold it at least 12-inches away from your pet’s coat to keep from burning your dog’s skin.

Finally, keep your pet inside until they’re completely dry. 


Homeward Bound Pet Care Team


Best Chew Toys for Big Chewers!

This is an image of a black Labrador Retriever with his toy chickens.

It’s no secret, dogs love to chew. But some breeds are worse than others and require something to constantly chew on. So, rather than risk them gnawing on your furniture or your favorite pair of shoes, invest in some quality dog toys that are best for big chewers. Here’s a few that are tried, tested, a proven to work great.

1) Kong Classic

Kong is one of the most trusted brands in dog toys, especially solid rubber ones for mega chewers. The Kong Classic is a bulbous red toy that’s sort of resembles a stubby snowman. The weird shape of the dog kong causes they toy to flop around awkwardly and dogs just love it. The best part of these is the fact that their almost solid rubber, aside from the hollow center that allows you to stuff a yummy treat inside. Do that and watch them go nuts!

2) NylaBone

I love this brand; they make the best nylon based chew toys for my bull dog. Normally, regular bones or toy bones are gone within minutes of her receiving them. But NylaBone makes a chew toy that’s built to last. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most have nifty little bumps and textures to make chewing even more fun for them. This one is even bacon flavored!

3) NylaBone for Puppies

Don’t forget the puppies, hey love to chew more than any of them! The problem with puppies is that they have small mouths and delicate little teeth. So, make sure to get them a special chew toy made just for them. Like this variety pack of NylaBone for puppies. These are some of the best puppy toys.

4) Rawhide

There’s a ton of misconceptions about rawhide for dogs. But you can wean out the bad from the good by making sure you buy quality products made from real ingredients. There are some brands on the market that use plastics and other less than stellar substances in their “rawhide”, but what you really want is 100% real cow or pig rawhide for you dog. These are great for chewing and are also a yummy treat that lasts longer than two seconds.

With big breeds, make sure to get them the large pieces, not the tiny ones they can choke on. Those are best reserved for small dogs like Shih Tzu and Chihuahua.

5) West Paw

West Paw makes great chew toys for all breeds, but what’s so great about them is that their toys float in water and they’re non-toxic and BPA free. These are little softer than that of the NylaBone type toys, but still just as durable. Most are solid rubber and come in cool colors like this Hurley in teal!

pit bull terrier dog in the park red pet on the grass

And there you have it! There’s tons of great dog toys on the market for big chewers, you just have to go through trial and error to see which one work best for your pup. I listed these because I have a big slobbery bulldog and she loves each of them. They work, last long, and keeps her away from my shoes.

From Your Homeward Bound Pet Care Team

Best Pets for Families with Kids

Are you thinking about getting a pet for your family? Do you have small kids at home and are nervous about what animals will and will not work well with them? Well, this list is a great source of ideas and a perfect place to start when searching for the best pets for families with kids.

1) Dogs

Of course dogs would be at the top of this list! Everyone loves dogs and they’re the ultimate family pet. However, there are some breeds that are best for families with kids due to their durability, energy levels, and maintenance.

Bull dogs, despite societies misconceptions, are amazing family pets. They’re loyal, protective, are built like bricks walls, and require very little maintenance aside from cleaning their faces.

2) Pigs

This is an unlikely addition to this list but pigs are seriously great family pets. Much like a bull dog, they’re built strong and can stand up to the rough housing kids often do. They’re just as clean, or even cleaner at times, as dogs and are super playful.

3) Hamsters

Sadly, hamster became a common family pet because they don’t live that long. They’re branded as the “starter pet”, but really should be taken more seriously than that. Hamsters are fun, playful, and can teach younger kids minor responsibilities.

4) Guinea Pigs

In same the light as hamsters, guinea pigs often get chosen as the starter pet. But they’re even better than hamsters! Bigger, fluffier, and more playful. Sounds good to me! My kids loved their guinea pig.

5) Fish

A simple goldfish would do, but you can spruce up the tank with angel fish, bottom feeders, and clown fish. The kids love watching them and you can teach a little bit of responsibility with the feedings and cleaning of the tanks.

6) Birds

Although a lot of people find birds to be annoying and loud, they make really great family pets. They interact well with other birds, are easy to clean up after, and some breeds, such as budgies and parrots, can be taught to speak. Canaries and finches are really playful and are great with small kids.

7) Cats

There are dog people and then there are cat people. So, for those of you who prefer the feline variety, a cat would make an excellent family pet. They basically clean up after themselves, require very little training, and are super cuddly.

8) Snakes

Snakes are incredibly low maintenance and make a great first time, starter pet for families with kids. Corn snakes and ball pythons are the best. They only require to be fed once a week, cage cleaning once per month, and no special cleaners required. And despite what most people think, snakes very rarely bite unless starved or taunted.

9) Turtle

You never have to worry about these guys running away. They’re easy to take care of and live a long time. Turtles are resilient and co-exist really well with other turtles. Great family pet.

cats, dogs, best pets for families with kids

And that about wraps it up! There are tons of great first time pets or best pets for families with kids, but this list sums up the most common species to consider first.

cats, dogs, best pets for families with kids

Of course, if you’re ever in doubt, you can always go see your local pet care provider or quality pet store. They’ll have tons of information about what pet would be great for your particular household.

Pet Manners in Public – What You Need to Know!


Some rules of “petiquette” from the experts:

Don’t confuse manners with laws: Having your pooch on a leash and making sure licenses and vaccines are up to date are requirements in most municipalities.

There also may be laws requiring cleaning up after your dog, aka “pooper scooper” laws.

Owners should research regulations not only for their municipality but also any public place. (Trained hearing or service dogs are usually permitted to accompany their owners wherever the public is allowed.)

Street sense: The website of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers tips for walking your dog. (go to and search for “walking 101”). Keep Fido off the neighbors’ lawns and gardens. Also use a leash that allows the dog space to roam but isn’t too long.

“The well-trained city dog needs to respond to a minimum of four basic commands: ‘sit-stay,’ ‘heel,’ ‘leave it’ and ‘come,’” the website notes. Great article – read more here

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Xylitol: More Dangerous Than Chocolate, Yet Less Well Known About

Do you know what xylitol is? Are you (fully) aware of the danger it poses to dogs? You wouldn’t be alone if you answered “no” to either, or even both of these questions. In our ongoing Pet Safety Awareness survey over 50% of the respondents weren’t aware of xylitol or the danger it poses to dogs until they took the survey! By comparison, you’d be hard pressed to find a dog owner who isn’t aware that chocolate can be toxic to dogs. Right?
Yet xylitol can be far-more-dangerous to dogs than chocolate! The picture below shows the minimum amount of dark chocolate that could cause death in three different weights of dog — compared to the minimum number of pieces of xylitol-containing sugar free gum that could have the same devastating effect.


Dark chocolate quantities based on National Geographic’s interactive chocolate chart. Xylitol-gum quantites are calculated based on a concentration of 1 gram of xylitol per piece of gum, and a xylitol dose of 0.5g/kg resulting in liver failure. (*Note that the amount of xylitol in gum is highly variable, and not always noted on the packaging. Read below for information on our efforts to change labeling standards and see what you can do to help.)
The (Double) Trouble With Xylitol
This general lack of awareness of xylitol and the danger it poses, coupled with the high toxic potency of xylitol in dogs, and presents a huge problem! And it’s a problem that’s getting bigger every year, as xylitol is gaining in popularity and being added to more and more common products. In fact, odds are good that you have something containing xylitol in your medicine cabinet, your pantry, or even your PURSE right now… without even being aware of it!

Which Products Contain Xylitol?
Here’s a List!
Please exercise extreme caution and keep these products out of reach of your dogs. If you suspect your dog has ingested a product containing xylitol contact your veterinarian, Pet Poison Control or go to your local Animal ER right away.
List & Information retrieved from:
Note: I did not copy the “chocolate” category…
Bach Flower
Rescue® Chewing Gum – Orange & Elderflower
Rescue® Pastilles – Assorted Flavors
Aug 14, 2015
B Fresh®
B Fresh Energy Mints – Assorted Flavors
B Fresh® Gum – Assorted Flavors
Jul 28, 2015
Branam™ Xylitol Gum – Hot Cha Cha Cinnamon, Snappy Apple
Jul 28, 2015

Designs For Health
Brain Power Sours
Jan 6, 2016

MighTeaFlow® Dry Mouth Chewing Gum
MighTeaFlow® Dry Mouth Gel
MighTeaFlow® Dry Mouth Moisturizing Lozenges
MighTeaFlow® Dry Mouth Moisturizing Oral Rinse
MighTeaFlow® Dry Mouth Moisturizing Oral Spray
MighTeaFlow® Green Tea Lozenges
Jul 28, 2015
CTx1 Lollies
CTx2 Xylitol Gum Aug 7, 2015
Cleure Fresh Fruit Gum
Cleure Lemon Drops Jul 28, 2015
Cracked Candy™
Cracked Candy – Assorted Flavors Aug 19, 2015
CVS Pharmacy®
CVS Sugar Free Breath Strips Blue Mint Aug 7, 2015
Dentyne Pure Mint With Citrus Accents
Dentyne Pure Mint With Herbal Accents
Dentyne Pure Mint With Melon Accents
Jul 28, 2015
Dr. John’s
Hard Candy: Butterscotch Bliss, Cafe Caramel, Cherry Blossom, Classic Fruits Collection, Cream Soda, Creamsicle Swirl Collection, Fresh Fruits Collection, Luscious Licorice, Mighty Mango, Peppermint Pop, Perfect Pear, Pink Grapefruit, Radiant Rainbow, Signature Sours Collection, Sour Cherry, Sour Lemon, Strawberry Cheesecake, Sunkissed Fruits Collection, Ultimate Hard Candy Collection, Ultimate Sweets Collection

Lollipops: Blue Raspberry Blast, Butterscotch Bliss, Cheeky Cherry, Classic Fruits Collection, Classic Fruits Collection, Creamsicle Swirl Collection, Fresh Fruits Collection, Juicy Grape, Peppermint Pop, Pomegranate Punch, Proudly Patriotic, Radiant Rainbow, Signature Sours Collection, Sunkissed Fruits Collection, Ultimate Lollipop Collection, Ultimate Sweets Collection, Whimsical Watermelon

Soft Candies: Butter Crunch Caramels, Butterscotch Bliss Caramels, Cafe Caramel Caramels, Caramel Lovers Collection, Chocolate Caramel Swirls, Luscious Licorice Taffy, Peppermint Pop Taffy, Ultimate Sweets Collection, Vanilla Caramel Swirls
Sweet Advantage™ Gum – Fruit Punch
Sweet Advantage™ Gum – Peppermint Pop
Sweet Advantage™ Tablet: Peppermint Pop™
Sweet Advantage™ Tablet: Tangy Melon™
Jul 28, 2015
Between! Dental Gum – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Epic Dental
Xylitol Gum: Cinnamon, Fresh Fruit, Peppermint, Spearmint
Xylitol Mints: Peppermint, Fresh Fruit, Cinnamon Jul 28, 2015
Extra Ice (Wrigley’s)
Extra® Ice – Spearmint
Extra® Ice – Peppermint Sep 15, 2016
Focus Nutrition
XyloBurst Gum: Cinnamon, Fruit, Green Tea, Peppermint, Spearmint,
XyloBurst Xylitol Mints: Berry, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon, Licorice, Peppermint, Wintermint
XyloBurst Xylitol Fruit Sours: Cherry, Grape, Orange Citrus, Lemon Lime, Peach Sour, Watermelon
XyloBurst Sugar Free Lollipops with Xylitol: Apple, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry Jul 28, 2015
Glee Gum
Sugar-Free Glee Gum: Lemon-Lime, Refresh-Mint, Wild Watermelon Jul 28, 2015
Hager Pharma
Hager Pharma Chewing Gum: Cinnamon, Cranberry, Fresh Fruit, Green Tea, Peppermint, Spearmint Jul 28, 2015
Healthy Grid
Tooth Friendly Xylitol Candies – Assorted Flavors Aug 7, 2015
Ice Breakers® – Cool Blasts Gum – Assorted Flavors
Ice Breakers® – Ice Cubes Gum – Assorted Flavors Aug 21, 2015
Ice Chips Candy
Ice Chips – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Juicy Fruit (Wrigley’s)
Juicy Fruit Fruity Chews – Original Sep 15, 2016
Lotte Confectionery
Lotte Xylitol Gum – Assorted Flavors
Lotte Xylitol Alpha Project Gum – Assorted Flavors
Anytime Candy – Assorted Flavors Aug 14, 2015
Exceed™ Gum – Assorted Flavors
Exceed™ Mints – Assorted Flavors Sep 15, 2015

Mentos® Pure Gum – Assorted Flavors
Mentos® SugarFree Gum – Assorted Flavors
Mentos® Gum UP2U – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Nature’s Stance (XyliChew)
XyliChew Gum: Black Licorice, Cinnamon, Fruit, Peppermint, Spearmint Jul 28, 2015
Nicorette Stop Smoking Aid – Coated Gum: Cinnamon Surge, Fruit Chill, Mint Aug 7, 2015
Zylicious™ Xylitol gum
XyliVita™ Gum Jul 28, 2015
Orbit Gum – Assorted Flavors Aug 7, 2015
Cinnamon Sass Chewing Gum with Xylitol
Citrus Breeze Chewing Gum with Xylitol
Peppermint Blast Chewing Gum with Xylitol
Spearmint Chewing Gum with Xylitol Aug 16, 2016
Chewing Gum – Assorted Flavors
Fresh Mints – Assorted Flavors Apr 13, 2016
Pür Gum – Assorted Flavors
Pür Mints – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Rainbow Light®
MintAsure™ Jul 28, 2015
Rite Aid
Rite Aid Pharmacy Stop Smoking Aid – Sugar Free, Coated Gum: Cinnamon, Mint Aug 7, 2015
Scandinavian Formulas
Salivasure™ Lozenges Apr 15, 2016
Homeofresh Chewing Gum
Feb 29, 2016
Jul 28, 2015
SteviaDent™ Gum: Cinnamon, Peppermint Jul 28, 2015
Stride Gum – Mondalez International
Stride Gum – NonStop Mint, Spark Kinetic Fruit, Spark Kinetic Mint, Spearmint Aug 14, 2015
Professional Whitening Gum Aug 7, 2015
Professional Formula Sugar Free Chewing Gum
TheraBreath® Mouth-Wetting Lozenges
Zox Breath Mints Feb 25, 2016
100% Xylitol Lozenges Jul 28, 2015
Trident® – Mondalez International
Trident Gum: Blueberry Twist®, Bubblegum, Cinnamon, Minty Sweet Twist, Original Flavor, Passionberry Twist®, Spearmint, Splashing Fruit™, Splashing Mint, Strawberry Twist, Tropical Twist®, Watermelon Twist®, Wintergreen Jul 28, 2015
Walgreens Breath Strips Mint Aug 7, 2015
SparX Candy: Berry, Citrus, Fruit
Spry Dental Defense Gum: Cinnamon, Fresh Fruit, Green Tea, Peppermint, Spearmint, Strawberry
Spry Gem Mints: Berry, Cinnamon, Lemon Creme, Peppermint, Spearmint
Spry Mints: BerryBlast, Cinnamon, Green Tea, Power Peppermint, Spearmint Jul 28, 2015
Xyla Ballpop Lollipops
Xyla Brand Xylitol Candy: Cherry, Citrus, Grape, Key Lime, Raspberry, Watermelon
Xyla Gum: Cinnamon, Fruit Punch, Peppermint, Spearmint,
Xyla Mints: Cocoa Mint, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Licorice, Peppermint, Wintermint
Xyla Taffy: Assorted Flavors
Xyla Assorted 100% Natural Hard Candies Jul 28, 2015
See Nature’s Stance above for product details

Jul 28, 2015
Zellie’s Naturally Sugar Free Gum: Cinnamon, Fresh Fruit, Peppermint, Spearmint
Zellie’s Naturally Sugar Free Mints: Cool Fruit, Cool Mint, Cinnamon, Spearmint
Zellie’s Polar Bears: Cherry, Tropical Fruit Jul 28, 2015
Zollipops® Lollipops Jul 28, 2015

Go Nuts, Co.
Almond Butter
Almond Butter – Chocolate Almond Butter
Peanut Butter – Dark Chocolate Mint
Peanut Butter – Natural Chocolate Flavor
Peanut Butter – Natural Flavor
Peanut Butter – Organic Maple Flavor Jul 28, 2015
Krush Nutrition
Nutty By Nature Peanut Butter Brownie Batter
Nutty By Nature Peanut Butter Cookie Dough
Nutty By Nature Peanut Butter Snickerdoodle Cookie
Nutty By Nature Peanut Butter Thick & Creamy
Jul 28, 2015
Nuts ‘N More®
Almond Spread – Almond Butter
High Protein + Almond Spread – Almond Butter
High Protein + Almond Spread – Chocolate Almond
High Protein + Almond Spread – Cinnamon Raisin
High Protein + Peanut Spread – Chocolate Peanut
High Protein + Peanut Spread – Peanut Butter Flavor
High Protein + Peanut Spread – Pumpkin Spice
High Protein + Peanut Spread – Toffee Crunch
Peanut & Protein Spread – Sesame Cranbutter
Peanut Spread – Peanut Butter Flavor
Peanut Spread – Toffee Crunch
Jul 28, 2015

P28 Foods
High Protein Spread – Almond Butter
High Protein Spread – Banana Raisin
High Protein Spread – Peanut Spread
High Protein Spread – Signature Blend
Jul 28, 2015
Protein Plus PB
Hank’s Protein Plus – Almond Butter
Hank’s Protein Plus – Banana
Hank’s Protein Plus – Caramel Pretzel
Hank’s Protein Plus – Chocolate Chip
Hank’s Protein Plus – Coconut
Hank’s Protein Plus – Honey Maple
Hank’s Protein Plus – Plain
Hank’s Protein Plus – Snickerdoodle Jul 28, 2015

Act Advanced Care™ Plaque Guard™ Mouthwash
Act Braces Care™ Mouthwash
Act Dry Mouth Lozenges
Act Dry Mouth Mouthwash
Act Dry Mouth Toothpaste
Act Total Care™ Sensitive Formula Mouthwash
Jul 28, 2015
American Biotech Labs
SilverSol Tooth Gel
Jul 28, 2015
Aquafresh® – GSK
Aquafresh Training Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
Jul 28, 2015
Ayurvedic Mouthwash
Jul 28, 2015
Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors
Jul 28, 2015

Dry Mouth Oral Rinse
Moisturizing Mouth Spray
Oral Balance Gel
PBF Oral Rinse
Jul 28, 2015
All Natural Xylitol Tooth Gel – Assorted Flavors
Jul 28, 2015
CTx2 Spray
CTx3 Gel
CTx3 Rinse
CTx4 Gel 1100
CTx4 Treatment Rinse Aug 7, 2015
Cleure Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors
Cleur Mouthwash – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Coral LLC
Coral Kids Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste
Jul 28, 2015
Dentiste’ Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste
Jul 28, 2015
On Guard Toothpaste
Oct 8,
Dr. Brown’s™
Nose & Face Wipes
Tooth & Gum Wipes
Aug 7, 2015
Dr. Collins
All White Toothpaste
Natural Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Res-Q-Dent Gel Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Epic Dental
Fluoride & Xylitol Toothpaste
Spearmint Xylitol Mouthwash Jul 28, 2015
Grants of Australia
Natural Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors
Natural Toothpaste Single Use Sachets
Xylitol Mint Natural Toothpaste
Xylitol Natural Mouthwash Jul 28, 2015
H2Ocean Mouthwash – Assorted Flavors
Nasalzyme Maximum Strength Nasal Spray Jul 28, 2015
Hager Pharma
Hager Pharma Dry Mouth Drops
Hager Pharma Happy Morning Xylitol Disposable Toothbrushes
Hager Pharma Xyli-Spray Sugar Free Fresh Breath Spray Jul 28, 2015
Halo Oral Antiseptic, Berry, Citrus Jul 28, 2015
Healing Scents
Tooth Gel – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Breath Spray – Assorted Flavors
Fluoride Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors
Kids Fluoride Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors
Mouthwash – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Heritage Store
Hydrogen Peroxide Tooth Powder
Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash + White
Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash Wintermint
Ipsab Tooth Powder, Cinnamon
Ipsab Whitening Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
IntelliFRESH Breath Gel
IntelliFRESH Oral Rinse Fusion
IntelliWHiTE® CoolBlue Amplifier Gel Pen
IntelliWHiTE® Power Booster & Toothpaste Duo
PM Restore Night Serum
Power Boost Whitening Gel
PRO WhiTE Professional Toothpaste Sep 15, 2016
Jack n’ Jill
Natural Calendula Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Healthy Mouth® Tartar Control Anti-Cavity Toothpaste
Healthy Mouth® Tartar Control Cinnamon Clove Mouthwash
Kids Only! Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors
Nutrismile® Enamel Defense Mouthwash
Nutrismile® Enamel Defense Anti-Cavity Toothpaste
Oral Comfort® Soothing Toothpaste
Powersmile® Moutwash: Brightening Peppermint, Strengthening Sea Spearmint, Super Refreshing Cinnamon Powermint
Powersmile® Whitening Anti-Cavity Toothpaste
Sea Fresh® Strengthening Anti-Cavity CoQ10 Gel Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Kiss My Face
Obsessively Natural Kids™ Toothpaste – Berry Smart
Obsessively Natural Kids™ Fluoride Free Toothpaste – Berry Smart
Sensitive Fluoride Free Gel
Triple Action Fluoride Free Gel
Triple Action Fluoride Free Toothpaste
Triple Action Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste
Whitening Gel – Anticavity Fluoride
Whitening Gel – Fluoride Free Jul 28, 2015
Life Extension®
Florassist® Throat Health
Florassist® Oral Hygiene
Life Extension Toothpaste Jan 6, 2016
Logona Naturkosmetik
Kids Dental Gel- Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Cool Shot® Breath Spray – Fresh Mint
Koala Pals® Tooth Gel – Assorted Flavors
Mouth Rinse – Assorted Flavors
Sensitive Tooth Polish
Whitening Tooth Polish – Assorted Flavors
Sep 15, 2015
Oral Relief Spray
Oral Relief Lozenges Jul 28, 2015
Nature’s Answer
PerioBrite® Natural Mouthwash – Assorted Flavors Jan 6, 2016
Nature’s Gate
Toothpaste Gel – Cherry, Cool Mint, Wintergreen Jul 28, 2015
Organic Toothpaste Remineralizing Toothpaste Aug 7, 2015
NOW® Foods
Now Solutions – Activated Nasal Mist
Now Solutions – Xyliwhite™ Mouthwash: Cinnafresh, Neem & Tea Tree, Refreshmint
Now Solutions – Xyliwhite™ Toothpaste Gel: Bubblegum Splash, Cinnafresh, Orange Splash, Neem & Tea Tree, Refreshmint, Strawberry Splash
Now Solutions – Xyliwhite™ Plantinum Mint Toothpaste Gel w/ Baking Soda Jul 28, 2015
Nuk – Gerber®
Grins & Giggles® Gum & Tooth Wipes Jul 28, 2015
XyliVita™ Mouthwash
XyliVita™ Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors
XyliVita™ Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste – Cool Mint Chia Jul 28, 2015
Oasis Dry Mouth
Oral Demulcent Moisturizing Spray Jul 28, 2015
OraCoat / OraHealth
Avamin Melts – Healthy Mouth Lining
XyliMelts for Dry Mouth, Regular or Mint-Free
XyliGel with H-B12 for Dry Mouth and Mucositis Jul 28, 2015
Organix South
TheraNeem Naturals – Neem Tooth & gum Powder
TheraNeem Naturals – Tea Tree Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Parnell Pharmaceuticals
Mouth Kote Dry Mouth Spray Jul 28, 2015
Cinnamon Fluoride
Mint Free Fluoride
Peppermint Fluoride
Spearmint Fluoride Aug 16, 2016
Cranberry Floss with Natural Xylitol
Vegan Xylitol Mint Floss Jul 28, 2015
Redmond Trading Company
Earthpaste – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Homeofresh TP Anisum
Homeofresh TP Chlorophyllum
Homeofresh TP Citrus Feb 29, 2016
Solay Wellness
Solay Smile Natural Tooth Powder – Assorted Flavors Nov 4, 2015
Lusterbrush Xylitol and Fluoride Tooth Gel
Spiffies Tooth Wipes – Assorted Flavors
Spiffies Tooth Gel – Assorted Flavors
Xyliclean Xylitol Oral Cleansing Solution Jul 28, 2015
Squigle Toothpaste
Tooth Builder Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Whitening Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Swanson Health Products
Swanson Ultra – Tea Tree Mouthwash Peppermint
Swanson Ultra – Whitening Toothpaste with Xylitol, Peelu and Tea Tree Oil
Swanson Ultra – Dry Mouth Relief Jul 28, 2015
Tanner’s Tasty Paste®
Tasty Paste Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
The Natural Dentist™
All in One Fluoride Toothpaste
Cavity Zapper Fluoride Rinse – Assorted Flavors
Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
Healthy Balance All-Purpose Rinse
Healthy Breath Antiseptic Rinse
Healthy Teeth Fluoride Rinse
Healthy White Pre-Brush Whitening Rinse
Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Periotherapy Oral Rinse
Periotherapy Toothpaste
TheraBreath® Plus Oral Rinse
TheraBreath® Icy Mint Oral Rinse
TheraBreath® Soothing Oral Rinse
TheraBrite Plus® Toothpaste Feb 25, 2016

Tom’s of Maine®
Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste – Fluoride-Free – Fennel, Peppermint, Spearmint
Antiplaque & Whitening Toothpaste Gel – Fluoride-Free – Spearmint
Cavity Protection Toothpaste – Peppermint Baking Soda, Spearmint
Children’s Anticavity Fluoride Rinse – Juicy Mint
Clean & Gentle Toothpaste – Peppermint
Enamel Strength® Toothpaste – Peppermint
Fluoride-Free Botanically Bright™ Toothpaste – Peppermint, Spearmint
Fluoride-Free Propolis Myrrh Toothpaste – Cinnamint, Fennel, Gingermint Baking Soda, Peppermint Baking Soda, Spearmint
Fluoride-Free Sensitive Toothpaste – Wintermint
Fluoride-Free Travel Natural Toothpaste – Fresh Mint
Maximum Strength Sensitive Toothpaste – Soothing Mint
Simply White Toothpaste – Clean Mint
Simply White Toothpaste Gel – Sweet Mint
Toddler Training Toothpaste – Mild Fruit
Travel Natural Toothpaste – Fresh Mint
Whole Care Toothpaste – Cinnamon Clove, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintermint
Whole Care Toothpaste Gel – Peppermint
Wicked Fresh™ Mouthwash – Cool Mountain Mint, Peppermint Wave
Wicked Fresh™ Toothpaste – Spearmint Ice, Cool Peppermint Jul 28, 2015
Walgreens Dry Mouth Mouthwash Aug 7, 2015
VitaCare (no company site found)
Multicare Whitening Toothpaste – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Children’s Toothpaste with Xylitol & Natural Orange Flavor
Zinc-Plus XTRA Toothpaste with Xylitol & Co Q 10 Jul 28, 2015
VMV Hypoallergenics
Essence Skin-Saving Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Kid’s Xlear Saline Nasal Spray
Spry Bubble Gum Tooth Gel
Spry Floss with Xylitol
Spry Toothpaste- Cinnamon
Spry Toothpaste- Cinnamon Fluoride
Spry Coolmint Oral Rinse
Spry Spearmint Oral Rinse
Spry Whitening Kit
Spry Wintergreen Oral Rinse
Xlear Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol
Xlear Sinus Care Rinse
Jul 28, 2015
Xyla Refresh Very Berry Kids Mouthwash
Xyla Refresh Very Berry Kids Toothpaste
Xyla Refresh Peppermint Mouthwash
Xyla Refresh Peppermint Adult Toothpaste Jul 28, 2015
Young Living™
Thieves® AromaBright™ Toothpaste
Thieves® Dentarome® Ultra Toothpaste
Thieves® KidScents® Slique™ Toothpaste Feb 25, 2016


Abilify® – Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc
Abilify® Discmelt Orally Disintegrating Tablets Aug 21,
Children’s Allegra Oral Suspension
Aug 7,
ProDigestive™ Antacid Aug 7,
Omega Kids Swirl To-Go – Omega 3
Heart Remedy™ Swirl – Omega 7
Ultra High Potency Omega Swirl Fish Oil Supplement – Assorted Flavors
Jul 28,
Bioclinic Naturals™
Calm-Pro™ The Green Tea Serenity Factor
DGL Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Extract
GABA-Pro® Fast Acting Calm Effect
Somno-Pro® L-Theanine – 5 HTP – Melatonin Mar 1,
Biopharma® Scientific
nanoEPA – Emulsified Fish Oil – Assorted Flavors
Mar 1,
Unfair Advantage™ Apr 15,
Complementary Prescriptions™
D-Mannose Plus Jan 6,
DaVinci Labs
Aller-DMG™ Chewable
Coenzyme Q10
Digenzyme™ Chewable
Gluconic® DMG
Immuno-DMG™ Chewable
Serenity Now
Spectra Multi Age™ Jan 6,
Designs For Health
GI-Revive Powder
MCT Colada Jan 6,
Douglas Laboratories®
Liquid Cal/Mag/D
Methyl B12 Plus
Sublingual Germanium Jan 6,
Dr’s Advantage®
Liquid Calcium-Magnesium + Minerals
Jan 6,
Pedia-Lax® Probiotic Yums™ – Daily Dietary Supplement
Pedia-Lax® Liquid Stool Softener Aug 20,
Gabapentin (See Neurontin below)
Aug 17,

Emtriva® Oral Solution Aug 21,
Intensive Nutrition Incorporated®
FolicM® Folic Acid for Men Mar 1,
Jarrow Formulas Inc.
KidBear Kids Multi Chewables
Methyl B-12 Lozenges
Yum-Yum Dophilus 1 Billion Organisms Chewables Feb 29,
Klaire Labs®
Prodegin Chewable Probiotic
Ther-Biotic® Children’s Chewable Feb 29,
Children’s Chewable Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Wafers with Xylitol

Pro-Bio Chewable Wafers
Zinc w/ Vitamin C and Slippery Elm Jan 6,
Life Enhancement
Blast II™
Hydrogen Power by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw
Memory Rules™ Drink Mix
Memory Upgrade III™ Sugar-Free
PEGysomal Resveratrol™
Serene Tranquility™ Day with 5-HTP
TurboBlast II™
Jul 28,
Life Extension®
CalReduce Selective Fat Binder
Children’s Formula Life Extension Mix™
Esophageal Guardian
Pure Plant Protein
Zinc Lozenges Jan 6,
Silica Drops Jul 28,
L’il Critters
Fiber Gummy Bears – Digestive Support Nov 23,

CalApatite Bone Builder® Active (formerly Cal Matrix)
Echinacea Synergy™
Endefen™ GI Support & Protection
Multigenics® Chewable
NutraGems™ CoQ10
NutraGems™ Omega Forte™
OmegaGenics® DHA Children’s
PhytoMulti® Kids
UltraFlora® Children’s
Ultra Potent-C®
Ultra Potent-C® Chewable
Ultra Potent-C® Powder Jan 6,
MorEPA Pro Kids Chewable Orange
Jan 6,
5-HTP Fast Dissolve
Biotin Fast Dissolve
Bromelain Chewable Tablets
Melatonin Fast Dissolve Mar 1,
Natural Factors
BioCgel™ Buffered Vitamin C with BerryRich®
Kid’s Factors® Balanced Omega 3-6-9
Suntheanine® L-Theanine
Vitamin D3 Chewable For Kids Jan 6,
Nature’s Plus
The Energy Supplements – Dental Care Lozenges
Animal Parade® Children’s Chewable Inner Ear Support
Animal Parade® GOLD Children’s Chewable Multi – Assorted Flavors
Animal Parade® GOLD Liquid – Children’s Multi – Tropical Berry
Animal Parade® Sugar Free Calcium Children’s Chewable – Vanilla Sundae Flavor
Animal Parade® Sugar Free Children’s Chewable – Assorted Flavors
Animal Parade® Sugar Free Vitamin C Children’s Chewable – Assorted Flavors
Animal Parade® Sugar Free Vitamin D3 500 IU Children’s Chewable – Assorted Flavors
Animal Parade® Tooth Fairy™ Children’s Chewable Dental Probiotic – Vanilla
SPIRU-TEIN® Gold Shake – Assorted Flavors
Source of Life® RED Energy Shake Jul 28,
Nature’s Way
Umcka® ColdCare Chewable: Berry, Cherry
Umcka® ColdCare Soothing Hot Drink: Lemon Aug 20,
Neurontin (gabapentin) – Pfizer
Oral Solution Aug 17,
NOW® Foods
Now Foods – 5-HTP 100 mg Chewables
Now Foods – Acid Relief with Enzymes Chewables
Now Foods – BerryDophilus™ Chewables
Now Foods – B-12 10,000 mcg Shots
Now Foods – Cranberry Mannose + Probiotics
Now Foods – DGL 400 mg – Lozenges
Now Foods – DHA 100 mg Kid’s Chewables
Now Foods – GABA Orange Flavor Chewables
Now Sports – IGF-1 Extreme Spray
Now Sports – IGF-1+ Liposomal Spray
Now Foods – Healthy Immune™ Support
Now Foods – Instant Energy B-12 Packets
Now Foods – Liquid Cal-Meg Blueberry
Now Foods – Liquid CoQ10 Orange Flavor
Now Foods – Liquid Hyaluronic Acid 100 mg

Now Foods – Liquid L-Carnitine
Now Foods – Liquid Melatonin
Now Foods – Liquid Multi Tropical Orange
Now Foods – Liquid Multi Wild Berry
Now Foods – Kid Cal Chewables
Now Foods – Kid Vits Berry Blast Chewables
Now Foods – Methyl B-12 10,000 mcg
Now Foods – Natural Resveratrol
Now Foods – OralBiotic – Lozenges
Now Foods – Ultra B-12 Liquid
Now Foods – Ultra B-12 Complex Liquid
Now Foods – Vitamin C-500 Cherry Chewables
Now Foods – Vitamin C-500 Orange Chewables
Now Foods – Vitamin D-3 1,000 IU Chewables
Now Foods – Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU Chewables
Now Foods – Vitamin D-3 & K-2 Liposomal Spray Jul 28,
Nutra Biogenesis™
Focus Fizz
Methyl Factors Jan 6,
Priority One Vitamins
B12 Rapid Shot
Jan 6,
Progressive Labs
Cardio Pro
Colon Cleanse
Methyl B12
Neo40® Professional
One Step – Assorted Flavors
Progressive Child Chewable Multi
Progressive Child Focus Support
Vitamin C Chewable Jan 6,
Protocol For Life Balance®
Methyl B-12 10,000 mcg
Ortho Liquie Multi™
Probiotic-4™ Chewable
Vitamin B-12 5,000 mcg Liquid Feb 29,
Pure Encapsulations®
Cal/Mag w/ Cofactors (powder)
Nitric Oxide Support
PurePals Multivitamin
PurePals Multivitamin (with iron) Mar 1,
Rainbow Light®
Fiber Garden Gummies
Probiolicious™ Gummies Jul 28,
Renew Life
Ultimate Flora Kids Probiotic Feb 25,
D3 1000 Chewable
Magnesium Glycinate Liquid
Biotin 5000 MCG – Tangy Fruit Flavor
Sep 15,

Swanson Health Products
Swanson Ultra – Supplemelts Sublingual Vitamin B-12
Swanson Premium – Children’s Chewable Vitamin Supplement
Swanson Premium – Triple Magnesium Complex
Swanson Ultra – Chew-Q Bioenhanced CoQ10 Jul 28,
Trace Minerals Research
Children’s Chewable Probiotic
ConcenTrace® Mineral Mouth Rinse Jul 28,
Transformation Enzyme Corporation
Kidz Digest Chewables Aug 20,
Treehouse Vitamins
Franklin and Friends™ Chewable Vitamin D3 – Berry Flavor
Franklin and Friends™ Tooth-Friendly, Chewable Vitamin C – Tropical Fruit
Max & Ruby™ Chewable Multi Vitamin with Minerals – Tropical Fruit & Wildberry
Max and Ruby™ Liquid Omega-3 High DHA Feb 25,
Bariatric Support Chewable Iron
Bariatric Support D+K Dots
Bariatric Support Joint Dots
CoQ10 Dots®
Chewable Iron
Mega D3 Dots™ – Dietary Supplement
Melatonin Dots™
Triple Action Oral Health Dots™ Aug 19,
Webber Naturals
All Greens® with Super Berry Concentrates
Cold-A-Tak® Throat + Sinus
D3 Chewable – Assorted Flavors
Diabetex™ Sleep Support Melatonin
Liquid Omega-3 with Vitamins A & D
Melatonin Plus with L-Theanine and 5-HTP Jul 28,
Vinco Inc
Magnesium Glycinate (V-MG) Jan 6,
Fiber + Calcium – PreNatal Support
Fiber Well Fit Vitamins
Fiber Well Gummies Nov 23,
Vital Earth Minerals
Super Multi Liquid Vitamins
Vital Joint Support Jul 28,
Vital Nutrients
Berry Well Immune Support
GI Repair Powder
Vital Clear® Jan 6,
Zegerid – Salix
Powder for oral suspension Aug 17,


Designs For Health
Xylitol Powder 500 gms
Jan 6, 2016
Dr. John’s
Simply Xylitol Sweetener Jul 28, 2015
Epic Dental
Xylitol Sweetener
Jul 28, 2015
Focus Nutrition
XyloBurst All-Natural Xylitol Sweetener Granuals
XyloBurst All-Natural Xylitol Sweetener Packets Jul 28, 2015
Global Sweet
Smart Sweet Xylitol Granules
Smart Sweet Xylitol Honey Jul 28, 2015
Hager Pharma
Hager Pharma Xylitol Sweetener Jul 28, 2015
Health Garden
Real Birch Xylitol
Real Birch Xylitol Vanilla Sweetener Jul 28, 2015
Jarrow Formulas Inc.
XyliPure Powder
Lo Han Sweet Powder Jul 28, 2015
Life Enhancement
Sugar XE™ Sweetener Jul 28, 2015
Nature’s Hollow
Sugar-Free Honey Jul 28, 2015
NOW® Foods
Now Real Food – Xylitol
Now Real Food – Pure Xylitol Packets Jul 28, 2015
Sweet X™ Crystals Jul 28, 2015
Kal® Xylitol Sweetener Jul 28, 2015
Piping Rock
100%Pure Xylitol Natural Sweetener Jul 28, 2015
Puritan’s Pride
Xylitol Powder Apr 15, 2016
Source Naturals
XyliSmart® Sweetener Jul 28, 2015
Swanson Health Products
Swanson Premium – 100% Pure Non-GMO Xylitol Granules
Swanson Premium – Xylitol Packets Jul 28, 2015
Lite & Sweet
Xylo-Sweet Jul 28, 2015
Xyla Xylitol Packets
Xyla Xylitol Bulk
Xyla Powdered Xylitol Jul 28, 2015
Zellie’s Granular Xylitol
Zellie’s Pure Xylitol Packets Jul 28, 2015


Barry Farm
Sugar Free Pie Filling – Assorted Flavors Aug 7, 2015

Clemmy’s™ Ice Cream
Clemmy’s Rich and Creamy Ice Cream – Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Orange Creme, Toasted Almond, Vanilla Bean, Coffee
Clemmy’s Rich and Creamy Bars – Cherry Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge, Orange Creme, Strawberries ‘N Creme Aug 7, 2015
Health Garden
Kosher Choc-Oh-Chip Cookies Jul 28, 2015
Jell-O – Boston Cream Pie Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jell-O – Dulce de leche Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jell-O – Chocolate Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jell-O – Chocolate Vanilla Swirls Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jell-O – Dark Chocolate Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jell-O – Double Chocolate Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jell-O – Chocolate Indulgence Mousse Sugar Free
Jell-O – Dark Chocolate Decadence Mousse Sugar Free
Jell-O – Creme Brûlée Rice Pudding Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jell-O – Rice Pudding Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jell-O – Vanilla Sugar Free / Reduced Calorie Pudding Snacks
Jul 28, 2015
Sophie Yogurt
Non-Fat Greek Yogurt – Assorted Flavors Aug 7, 2015
B-Sugarless – Diabetic Cake Mixes – Assorted Flavors Aug 7, 2015
Sugar Free Pudding: Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
Sugar Free Pudding with Calcium : Dark Chocolate Aug 7, 2015
Protein Ice Cream – Assorted Flavors Aug 17, 2015

Focus Nutrition
XyloBurst Sugar-Free Jam: Apricot, Blueberry, Mountain Berry, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry Jul 28, 2015

Nature’s Hollow
Apricot Sugar-Free Jam Preserves
Blueberry Sugar-Free Jam Preserves
Mountain Berry Sugar-Free Jam Preserves
Peach Sugar-Free Jam Preserves
Raspberry Sugar-Free Jam Preserves
Strawberry Sugar-Free Jam Preserves
Wild Blueberry Sugar-Free Jam Preserves
Maple Sugar-Free Syrup
Raspberry Sugar-Free Syrup
Jul 28, 2015
Xyla Jam – Apricot, Blueberry, Mountain Berry, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry Jul 28, 2015


Health Garden
Sugar-Free Tomato Ketchup Jul 28, 2015
Nature’s Hollow
Sugar Free Hickory Maple BBQ Sauce
Sugar Free Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce
Sugar-Free Ketchup Jul 28, 2015
Xyla BBQ Sauce – Original
Xyla Buffalo Wing Sauce
Xyla Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Xyla Ketchup
Xyla Sesame Teriyaki Sauce Jul 28, 2015

Designs For Health
Electrolyte Synergy Grape Flavor Jan 6, 2016

Natural Factors®
SlimStyles® Weight Loss Drink with PGX® – Assorted Flavors Apr 15, 2016

NOW® Foods
Berry Lemonade Slender Sticks
Berry Energy Tea Slender Sticks
Effer-C™ Acai Berry Sticks
Effer-C™ Cranberry Pomegranate Packets
Effer-C™ Elderberry Packets
Grape Slender Sticks
Pomegranate Berry Slender Sticks
Jul 28, 2015
Natural Max (no website found)
Skinny Fast Hunger Rescue Chocolate Fix
Jul 28, 2015
xyWater Nutritional Drink – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Energy Drink Mix – Assorted Flavors
Immune Fizz – Fruit Punch Aug 7, 2015

Betty Lou’s™
Low Glycemic Protein Shake: Chocolate, Orange Cream, Vanilla Aug 7, 2015
Designs For Health
PaleoBar Chocolate Coated Jan 6, 2016
Life Extension®
Pure Plant Protein
Jan 6, 2016
NOW® Foods
Berry Lemonade Slender Sticks
Berry Energy Tea Slender Sticks
Effer-C™ Acai Berry Sticks
Effer-C™ Cranberry Pomegranate Packets
Effer-C™ Elderberry Packets
Grape Slender Sticks
Pomegranate Berry Slender Sticks
Jul 28, 2015
Natural Max (no website found)
Skinny Fast Hunger Rescue Chocolate Fix
Jul 28, 2015
Protocol For Life Balance®
Plant Protein Complete
Feb 29, 2016
Renew Life
FitSMART Shake – Assorted Flavors
FitSMART Vegan Shake – Assorted Flavors
Feb 25, 2016


Chocolate Lavender Fields Forever Lip Balm Jul 28, 2015
Aroma Naturals®
Therapeutic Lip Care – Assorted Flavors Jul 28, 2015
Bain de Terre
Purité Healthy Color Protect Shampoo
Purité Healthy Moisture Repair Shampoo Aug 7, 2015
Nodé Fluide Shampoo Aug 7, 2015
Etude House
Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk
Sweet Recipe Candy Stick Lip Gloss – Assorted Colors Jul 28, 2015
GlyMed Plus®
Cell Science Lip Science Jul 28, 2015
Holistic Momma Organics
Mauve Melody Shimmer Lip Balm Jul 28, 2015
Laura Mercier
Tinted Moisturizer – Illuminating Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen Aug 7, 2015
Natural Performance Foundation Aug 7, 2015

The Style Beautiful Lip Tint – Assorted Colors Jul 28, 2015
Love Story Wedding Favor Lip Balm
Mason Jar Wedding Favor Lip Balm Jul 28, 2015
True Natural
Natural Liquid Foundation – Assorted Colors Aug 7, 2015


Purifying Facial Cleanser
True Oasis™ Oil-Free Replenishing Gel Cream Jan 6, 2016
ABCDerm Maman fermeté
Atoderm Cream – Assorted varieties
Cicacio Cream – Assorted varieties
Hydrabio H2O Cleanser
Matriciane Serum
Sébium Make-up Remover
Sensibio Cleanser
Photoderm Kid SPF 50+
White Objective H2O Cleanser Jul 28, 2015
Vine Body Butter Aug 26, 2015
Clean & Clear®
Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser
Morning Burst® Facial Scrub Aug 7, 2015
Cremo Company™
Men’s Shave Cream
Women’s Shave Cream Aug 7, 2015
Kate Somerville®
KateCeuticals™ Moisture Milk Cleanser
Oil Free Moisturizer Aug 7, 2015
Life Extension®
Amber Self MicroDermAbrasion
Jan 6, 2016
Time Control Skin Tone Evener Hydroquinone-Free Aug 26, 2015

BB Cleanser
BB Cream Anti-Aging SPF 20
BB Cream Beauty Balm
BB Cream Golden Glow
New Age 8-In-1 Power Serum
Revival Gold Beauty Elixir Day Illuminator
Revival Gold Beauty Elixir Eye Illuminator
Revival Gold Beauty Elixir Night Illuminator Jul 28, 2015

Alloy After Shave
Clarifying Facial Toner
Hydrating Facial Toner Aug 7, 2015
Extraordinary Water Moisturizing Care – Assorted Scents
Purifying Deodorant
Sensitive Skin Deodorant
Shaving Cream Men’s
After-Shave Balm Men’s Aug 7, 2015
Men & Women Oxygen Odor Control Deodorant Aug 7, 2015
Aloe Cleansing Gel
Argan & Retinol Wrinkle Repair Night Cream
Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream
Clarifying Facial Wash
Lemon Verbana Omega-3 Hand Cream
Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel
Primrose Eye & Upper Lip Treatment Cream
White Tea Antioxidant Mask Jul 28, 2015
Fast Absorbing Hand Cream
Triple Age Repair Night Moisturizer Aug 7, 2015
Phyto 5
Face Cream – Night
Hydrating Body Milk Lotion Jan 6, 2016
Multi Correxion® 5 in 1 Restoring Night Cream Aug 7, 2015
SPF 30 X-Treme Dark Spot Sun Filter Aug 7, 2015
Skin Medica®
Hydrating Complex Aug 7, 2015
True Natural
Laverna Beauty Balm (BB Cream)
Men’s Sensitive Moisturizing Cream Aug 7, 2015
Urban Decay
B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray Aug 26, 2015


Sol Cool clothing line (currently approx. 24 items)
Sep 15, 2016
Cool Phase™ Tech clothing line (currently 6 items)
Sep 15, 2016
Stein Mart®
Jockey Sport V-Neck Tee (with Xylitol technology)
Sep 15, 2016


Natural Liquid Personal Lubricant
Sensitive Skin Gel Personal Lubricant Jul 28, 2015
Dr. Brown’s™
Pacifier & Bottle Wipes Aug 7, 2015
Feminine Cleansing Cloths
Intimate Lubricant
Personal Moisturizer Jul 28, 2015


“It’s OK – He’s Friendly!” This has been said to me many times while walking my dogs in my neighborhood. It’s usually said as a large dog, dragging its owner, comes rushing up to my dogs.


The oncoming dog is laser-focused on my dogs, approaching on a straight path, and its tail is alert. Unfortunately, that statement has never made me feel better about the situation because that dog’s body language is telling me he has anything but friendly intentions toward my dogs!

Many people don’t understand dog body language. They think their dog is rushing up to happily greet new friends, but that may not actually be what your dog is thinking.

Watch dogs at a dog park and observe their body language as they approach each other. When dogs approach each other in a friendly manner they take a curved path; they do not approach straight on. In dog-world, direct eye contact is rude and can be seen as a challenge; friendly dogs approach without directly staring at each other.

[Read more…]

4 Steps To Introducing Dogs To Cats

cats-and-dogsWhether you already have a dog and are considering getting a cat, or vice versa, it is very important to think about their first introduction. By letting a loose cat and an off-leash dog meet each other in an open room for the first time, you are probably setting up both animals to fail. Instead, plan ahead and take your time.

Matching Cats and Dogs

  • If you’re thinking of getting a cat for your dog or a dog for your cat, it’s important to consider both animals’ personalities. It may be helpful to look for a companion that has already been exposed to the other species in the past.
  • If a dog attempts to aggressively chase, pin, pick up or otherwise “manhandle” any cat, it is best to not even consider getting a cat — or at least to proceed with caution. Additionally, a dog who growls, lunges at or obsessively barks at a catwould probably do best in a cat-free environment. Likewise, a cat who growls, swats at, runs from or hides from dogs would probably prefer to not live with a dog.  [Read more…]